Samhällsvetarkårens Jubilee Ball

The Social Sciences Student Union proudly presents Samhällsvetarkåren’s Jubilee Ball. On Saturday 22nd February 2020 we invite you to join us at Sparbanken Arena, Lund.

How does the open sign up work?

From 15th February 2019 at 11:00, the open sign up will begin.  At this time, anyone can register for tickets- you don't have to be invited or even be a social scientist! You sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. To make it fair, the initial form is very short- you only have to fill in your name and email. Once as many people have registered as we have tickets, that form will stop accepting answers. Those who successfully registered will then get an email with more details about how to complete their registration for the tickets. If you are not  successful, you can sign up to the reserve list, so if anyone drops out you may get the chance to buy a ticket anyway.


About the Jubilee Ball


Time Schedule

Doors Open 17:30
Doors Close 18:30
Dinner Begins 19:00
Afterparty Begins  22:30
Sexa Begins  23:30


Dinner (student) 700,00 SEK
Dinner (non student) 800,00 SEK
Afterparty 100,00 SEK
(Afterparty is included in the dinner ticket)


Medal 90,00 SEK
Sexa 100,00 SEK

Snaps ticket 90,00 SEK each


Dress Code
Formal with academic orders  (white tie optional)
White tie is not compulsory, but welcome.


Dinner Menu

Baked cherry tomatoes and pickled cauliflower, baked cheese crisps, arugula aioli with fermented garlic, and pumpkin seeds

Potato and artichoke in thyme pastry, served with chili and pumpkin purée, truffle sauce, and beetroot crudité

Chocolate mousse with seabuckthorn, honey roasted seeds, and raspberry coulis
Coffee and punsch

It is up to each guest to work out how much their own package costs. Payment should then be made to Samhällsvetarkåren BG5974-3633 before 29th January 2020. Make sure you write *yourname*SAMball in the message field so your payment is logged. Your place is not confirmed until your payment is received.


International Payments
Payments made from an international bank need extra information.
IBAN: SE56 8000 0831 3952 4168 4330
Account Number: 952 4168 4330
Bank: Sparbanken
Bank Address: Scheelevägen 27, vån 2, 223 63 Lund

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ's page, or email (In English)

Do not forget that your application is not completed until the payment has been registered.
Warm welcome!