Candidate to

positions of trust


We now open the applications to positions for trust for the student union's spring 2021! 

Candidacies must be sent in on November 29th 23:59 to be included in the meeting documents. 

You can counter-candidate positions with candidates until December 4th

You can counter-candidate positions without candidates until December 11th

Vice arbetsmarknadskoordinator (By-election 1  vacant position) 

The vice labour market coordinators' main job is to assist the labour market coordinator. This often means that you would be the project leader for at least one group under the area labor market, for example iProject or Career Contact Group. You would therefore summon, lead and be overall responsible over this group. As the vice labour market coordinator you would be of help to the labour market coordinator in the carrying through of labour market events, be responsible for and develop the student union’s alumni network and mentorship programmes. You want to know more? Contact

The application period for this position is now closed.

Board member (By-election 1 vacant position)

The application period for the position as board member is now open! As a board member you are a part of the student union board and make organizational decisions for the future of the union. As a board member you are a part of a working group within the board, currently our working groups are: External communication and recruitment, Sustainability, Internal organization, Labour Market and Education Surveillance! Board members are also in charge of dropins, they go to board meetings, they are preparatory to the representative assembly, they attend Lund student union association's valting to raise our student union's voice about candidates on a university wide level. As a board member you not only get to be a part of an amazing group but you also get experience in decision making, formalia and organization. Want to know more? Contact

The application period for this position is now closed.

Election committee

(1 vacant postion as chairperson, 4 vacant position as ordinary members, 2 vacant positions as alternate members)

The election committee is in charge of the election of the Representative Assembly, held every fall and spring. Since the ordinary meetings for the RA are held once a semester, the election committee is responsible for one election. To the election, all members of the student union have the right to vote for who they think should be part of the student union’s highest decision making body. The election committee is responsible for encouraging people to candidate and presenting the candidates to the members for the election. The committee also organizes the election itself, and works to make the process as democratic and representative as possible. After the election, the committee is expected to count the votes and present the result for the RA to the members of the union. Want to know more? Contact

Nomination council

(1 vacant position as chairperson, 4 vacant position as ordinary members, 2 vacant positions as alternate members)

The nominating council prepares the elections for the Representative Assembly. This means the nominating council interview candidates for internal positions of trust, such as the board and the fulltimers. After the interviews they nominate one person per position, or decide to propose to leave it vacant. The main responsibilities are preparing role descriptions, requirement profiles, cases, conducting interviews, discussing and analysing candidates, and preparing recommendations for the Representative Assembly.  Want to know more? Contact


Auditors (2 vacant positions) 

The auditors are responsible for evaluating the board, on behalf of the Representative Assembly, in order to find out if the board acted according to the steering documents and with the decisions of the representative assembly. The auditors focus on the organisation itself, that the board has ensured that the organisation is managed appropriately. The auditors gather the needed material during the year and present an audit report at the fall Representative Assembly. The auditors can also offer advice on matters to the board. Want to know more? Contact


Education committee presidium (1 vacant position as chairperson, 1 vacant position as vice chairperson)

The education committee is responsible for and handles educational matters and student welfare matters within the student union, as well as coordinates the student union’s study councils. The education committee acts preparatory for the representative assembly in educational and student welfare matters. The chairperson and vice chairperson are obligated to lead the committee’s work and meetings. The chairperson and vice chairperson shall also be of help for the board in errands regarding the education monitoring and educational matters. Want to know more? Contact


Chairperson for study council

(By-election 1 vacant position at each of the following departments: Gender Studies, Communication and Media, Sociology and Sociology of Law). 

Each department or section should have a study council. The council gathers the student representatives at the department and is tasked with handling educational and student welfare matters that are relevant for the area that the study councils acts within. As the chairperson of the study council you are obligated to lead the councils work and meetings. You are also the council’s representative in the education committee. Want to know more? Contact

Send you application to

Your application should consist of:

  • Who you are

  • Which position you apply for and why

  • Why you think that position would suit you

  • Why you think the Representative Assembly should elect you