The Studentlund membership makes you a member of a nation, the Academic Society as well as a student union - it therefore gives you access to a wide range of the activities that the student life in Lund has to offer. Read more about Studentlund here.

Hälsningsgillet | Greeting Gillet

Hälsningsgillet is a trade show where both new and old students have the opportunity to meet approximately 100-150 exhibiting organisations and companies. Here you can find all in place what that the student life in Lund has to offer. The place is always the same - AF-borgen, and it will take place on September 6th from 12:00 to 16:00!

Student association fair (SAF)

The Student Association Fair is just like Hälsningsgillet a trade show but for international students. Here you will meet all kinds of organisations that can make your time in Lund the best possible. It will take place in Gasque in the building "Kårhuset" on August 23rd.


Af Bostäder: AF Bostäder is southern Sweden's largest student housing company, they own and manage student housings in Lund, but the business also includes the lease of commercial premises located in our housing areas. AF Bostäder is a foundation, which according to its regulations has a function to own and manage buildings intended as inexpensive and suitable housing for active students who are members of Akademiska Föreningen (the Academic Society) in Lund.



BoPoolen: BoPoolen.nu is run by Lund University Student Unions to help students looking for housing in Lund. Here you can advertise for free, get general advice on the housing situation in Lund and find legal information and draft contracts.


Studenthälsan | Student Health CentreThe staff at the Student Health Centre works primarily with psychological problems that affect your ability to study, such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression, transitional issues and/or academic difficulties.  This is in addition to other public and private health clinics in Lund where you can go for general medical issues, sexual health and contraception. 


They also offer a variety of seminars, courses and workshops directed towards international students on topics such as stress, procrastination, cultural adjustment etc.

Their website in swedish

Their website in english

Pedagogiskt stöd | Pedagogical support: If you have a disability, for example dyslexia, a visual impairment or ADHD, and would like to study at Lund University, they can provide you with support during your studies, for example note-taking, talking books and special arrangements for exams.  


If you come to Lund University on an exchange programme, your coordinator at your home university must contact us well before your arrival. We must have confirmation that your home university is willing to pay for the support you can receive here.

Skrivarverkstan | Academic support centre: They are a free service open to all students studying courses and programmes and provide individual and group consultations, workshops, and seminars in both Swedish and English. You can get help with the academic writing process, speaking and presentation skills and reading and study skills. 

Studentprästerna | The Student Priests: When you need someone to talk to, no matter your belief or philosophy of life, the Student Priests are there for you who study at Lund University.

Projekt6: An independent organization working for Lund University’s students to promote sexual health on a physical, emotional and social level. The goal is to generate a larger awareness of sexual health and a safer sexual behaviour among the students in Lund. They also work towards increasing respect for different individual’s sexuality.


CSN: Approves and sends out Swedish financial aid for studies, which includes both grants and loans to students in Sweden and abroad. At CSN they also handle repayment of the loans.


Kreditkassan: A foundation run by students, owned by Lunds Student Unions, without the purpose to make profit. They arrange students loans and never ask why you need the money or what for. To be able to apply for a loan you must have payed your fee as a member of a student union for the current semester.


Are you a student with children? Studentkårens Förskola is a municipal day care center in Lund which gives priority to children of students and academics at Lund University.


Du som flyttar för att studera vid universitet eller högskola ska vara folkbokförd på din studieort. Grundregeln är att du ska vara folkbokförd där du bor, det vill säga där du sover flest nätter. Med en e-legitimation kan du använda Skatteverkets e-tjänst för att göra flyttanmälan, snabbt och enkelt.  Läs mer och gör din flyttanmälan på Skatteverkets webbplats: www.skatteverket.se/studentflytt

Students who move to study at University should be registered at their residence. The basic rule is to be registered at the address where you sleep most nights.

With an e-ID, you can use Skatteverkets online service to make your address notification quick and easy. Read more and do your address notification on Skatteverket's website (in English).