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Do you want to be a part of creating a great start for new students, while taking part in fun events and getting to know amazing people?

Then apply to become a mentor!


What is the role?

Mentors in Samhällsvetarkåren's novice period take part in 2 weeks of events with new social science students, to help our novices settle in to life at Lund. The novice weeks will run from 31st August-13 September 2020, with event every few days. The mentor role includes providing information to novices about the events, planning group costumes in this year's theme (TBA!), helping novices in your group bond and feel included, and acting as responsible during some events.

Interested in being a mentor, but not wanting to do it alone? Then sign up alongside your friends and request to be in the same mentor group- then you can share the fun experience! 

Time commitment

There is one information/kick-off planned for late May, and another in late August- these are mandatory so mentors can get all the necessary information and meet their mentor groups. There will be some time commitment over the summer planning your costumes etc. but this is flexible and decided within your group. The main time commitment comes during the novice period itself, where mentors take part in events alongside their novice groups.

Head Mentors

There is also the opportunity to be a head mentor! Each mentor group will have its own head mentor- this person just helps to coordinate their mentor group, and is the main contact person between the mentor group and the student union. If you are interested in leadership, just mark that you would be interested in being a head mentor in the form.


If being a mentor sound fun to you, contact, or show your interest in the form!