If you have sent a candidature to presidium@samvetet.lu.se without getting a confirmation, please resend it to pres.stu@samvetet.lu.se to make sure it has been received.


If you want to apply for a position and be elected by the Representative Assembly you should send in your application to pres.stu@samvetet.lu.se no later than the 17th of November. Your application should state the position you're interested in, your previous experience and what you could bring to the role. As it is currently not possible to have your candidature processed by a nominating council you are encouraged to present yourself at the Representative Assembly meeting on the 7-8th of December. If you can't attend you can also send a more detailed presentation of yourself in the medium of your choice to presidium@samvetet.lu.se.

You can find out more about each position by clicking on the text below.