Project funding

Are you planning an amazing project, event or happening that benefits your fellow students? Then you can seek funding from Samhällsvetarkåren! 

Before you start writing your project plan we ask you to read the Unions policy documents first because the board will not approve a project that does not share the Unions values.

Send us an email at with your projcet application including the following: 

  • Project title and Project plan


  • Why is this project important?

Who are we, the brains behind this project? How did we come up with this idea? Basically, a short background. 3-4 sentences is more than enough for most of the headlines.


  • The aims for the project

What will we achieve by doing this project? What will the immediate results be, and what are the long term effects? Formulate the overall aim as well as concrete goals.


  • Making it happen

How will we go about to make it happen? Methods, resources needed, time schedule. Who will do what? Do we lack expertise in some area, and in that case – how will we find the right person for the job?

  • How much will it cost?

Calculate your expenses (and incomes if relevant). Make a preliminary budget so that the board can see how much money you need, and roughly what you will use the money for. Be as specific as possible and give price quotes where you can.


  • Membership

Who is he audience for the project and are they members of the Union?


  • Contact

Project manager, email, phone