Student safety representatives

If you have issues or questions about your working environment as a student, you can turn to your student safety representative, or SSO (studerandeskyddsombud). 
The student safety representative can pass on your information to the person responsible for the working environment and/or the student union. They can also request that an inspection should be made of the working conditions.
Which student representative you should turn to depends on where you study.  You can find a list below with links to email them. 
If your deparment is not listed below, you can email or directly to the head of sso's at  

To contact all student safety representatives at once, email

SSO Department of Psychology

Katarina Hjörneby

If you have a problem with your studies, a teacher or feel unfairly treated, you can always turn to vice presidents of the student union. 

SSO School of Social Work

Emma Andersson Peldàn