The Quick Guide to Lund Student Organisations

There are so many organisations in Lund, and it can be hard to know what the difference is! We are here to help


Student Union

What is a student union?

A student union is an organisation run for students, by students. They are independent from the university and the government, and exist to support students at their faculty with educational issues, social environment, and labour market questions.

How do I choose?

You don't choose your student union, you are assigned one based on what you study. Lund University has 9 faculties of education, and each faculty's students have their own student union. If you study at the Faculty of Social Science then good news - we are your student union! 

What do I use it for?

Your student union exists to support you in your student life. This means you can come to us when you have an issue with your course, to take part in social or labour market events, or to become active in our many committees and projects. Here is a quiz to find the active role that is perfect for you!


What is a nation?

A nation is an organisation that exists entirely separate but alongside university life. They have no link to the university, and are designed to provide social activities, housing, and fun at a student friendly price.

How do I choose?

If you want to be able to take part in nation events you need to be a member of StudentLund*. Find out more here.
Then you need to choose one nation and register during their 'expedition hours' at the start of term. Membership at one nation makes you eligible to go to any nation's events and premises*. 

What do I use it for?

Nations vary a lot in what they provide. Most run brunches, pubs and clubs on a regular basis. Many also have social activities such as choirs, sports teams, spex (drama clubs) etc. It is also possible to become active in the nations.

*does not apply to Smålands Nation


Akademiska Föreningen (AF)

What is AF?

The Academic Society (AF)  is an non-profit student organisation, for and by students with a purpose of gathering and broadening the cultural aspect of student life at Lund University.

How do I choose?

There are many committees, clubs and organisations under AF and you can be a part of as many as you want!

What do I use it for?

AF provides premises for the committees, keeps AF Borgen in good shape, and has a project fund that can be applied for if you have an idea for something new that will enrich the student life. 


What is StudentLund?

StudentLund is an all-in-one membership for the student life in Lund. Rather than make students sign up and pay for each nation, student union, or club individually, all students can get the StudentLund card and then be free to join as much as they want.

Can I choose?

You are not required to have StudentLund just because you study in Lund. However a StudentLund card is needed for entry to all nations*, to join AF committees or clubs, and to have a role in your student union. It is also necessary if you live in AF Bostader accommodation. 

What do I use it for?

Everything in the student life! Plus it gets you great discounts in a lot of stores and online. Sign up here

Section or Programme Association?


As if all that wasn't complicated enough we get to sections and programme associations! 


What is a Section?
A section is an organisation directly under and controlled by the student union. Sections receive money from the student union and in return they monitor the education for a specific group of students, while also providing social and labour market events.
What is a Programme Association?

A programme association is similar to a section in that it covers a specific group of students, and provides social and labour market support and events to those students. However a programme association cannot monitor education, and does not get money from the student union. They are independent from the student union, although we often collaborate anyway.

What Do They Do?
They all do different things, but if you are a student covered by a section or programme association you can often turn to them for novice activities, social events, and labour market questions. It is completely okay to be active in your section/programme association and the student union!


Socionomsektionen: This section's novice period covers the Social Work students in Lund. Check out for more information.

Agora: This section's novice events cover the Service Management and Strategic Communication students, and the Social Workers who study in Helsingborg! Check out their website for more information-

Pluto: Pluto covers interdisciplinary programmes, however they do not currently run any novice events. More information can be found here.

Programme Associations

SPiL: Covers the bachelors programme in Urban and Regional Planning (Samhällsplanering) Find them here:

LUPEF: Covers students in the Political Science, and Peace and Conflict Studies courses. Find out more at

PiL: Covers the Personal- och Arbetslivsfrågor (PA) bachelor programme, find out more at

BiL: Covers the students on the Behavioural Science programme. Find them at

LP: Covers the Psychology bachelor programme. Check them out at

LISP: Covers the Masters of Science programme in Psychology, their Facebook can be found here.

BIDS: Covers students on the Bachelor in Development Studies, contact them through Pluto's Facebook page.

KUF: Covers the Criminology students. Find them at

Not everyone has a section/programme association so don't worry if you don't fit in to any of those listed above. All social scientists are very welcome to become active in Samhällsvetarkåren!