Candidate to become a student representative 2020/2021

Do you want to be a student representative?

At Lund University we students have a lot of power. Wherever the education is planned there are opportunities for the students to take part and have influence. As a student representative, you can influence course syllabi, literature lists, pedagogics, equality, work- and study environments, quality and a lot more. The student representatives are elected by the student union, and now we open up all vacant positions for you to apply to!

All student representatives at a department are members of the study council of that department. The study council meets to discuss what is happening at the department and what you wish to change. Since the study councils are a big part of anchoring issues with other students it is important that you as a student representative are also attending the study councils meetings. The study council is also a great place to seek answers if you have any questions.  


As a student representative, you also gain valuable experiences for your future jobs. You will very early on learn about governmental authority, organisational development, board work and rights and regulations.

If you are a Swedish-speaking student, you can apply for more positions. To see them, go to the Swedish page.

Do you have questions? Write to

It is still possible to be by-elected as a student representative for the remainder of the fiscal year 2020/2021