Välkommen till Samhällsvetarkåren

Kåren för studenter på den samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten vid Lunds Universitet

The student union for social science students at Lund University


Your Student Union

Samhällsvetarkåren is one of nine student unions at Lund University working to secure your rights as a student. We work to monitor and improve the education and help you when you have trouble with your studies. We also connect students to the labour market, and create a fun social context for our members through our many events! 

Read more about our vacant positions of trust!

New in Lund

The student union is here to help you with everything there is to know about coming to Lund as a new student.

Become active!

Within The Social Sciences Student Union there is plenty you can do in order to make your time at University count even more, both for you and your fellow students. We work with educational matters, labour market questions as well as social activities!

Do you want to become active but can't decide how? Take our fun quiz!

Take ownership of your education!

Students at Lund university have a lot of power. Around the faculty there are over 100 spots for student representatives. Become a student representative today and take ownership over your education!

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