Here you can find all documents concerning the work of Samhällsvetarkåren.
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Steering documents

Stadgan reglerar strukturern och tillvägagångssättet för hur vi arbetar och fungerar. 

The statues regulate the structure and process of how we work and function. Please note that the English version of the statutes is just a translation and not the document itself. 


Reglementet beskriver kårens struktur och poster på ett med ingående sätt.

By laws

The by-laws describe more in-depth the structure of the union and post descriptions for different organs and positions.

The opinion program dictates the unions standpoint in specific questions. All our representatives should follow this document.

The action plan holds the concrete goals for the union during the current fiscal year. The action plan has been formulated by the previous board.

The political action plan eastblished the focus points for the student union regarding the issues of education and prerequisites for studies. 

The Strategic plan is a 3-year plan that guides the student union it its organisational work as well as in writing the annual action plan.

The Representative Assembly 


Meeting protocols 2019/2020

Meeting documents 2019/2020

Previous meeting minutes

Minutes RA 2018/2019:

The Board 

Minutes RA 2017/2018:

Above you will find all documents for the Representative Assembly from the fiscal year of  2017/2018, sorted per meeting. In each meeting folder, you have a special folder for the meeting protocol.

Minutes RA 2016/2017:

Minutes Board 2016/2017:

Minutes RA 2015/2016:
29 Oct, 26 jan, 1 Jun.

Minutes RA 2014/2015:
10 Sep, 16 Oct, 11 Nov, 29 Jan, 23 Feb, 25 Mar, 16 Apr, 21 Maj.

Minutes Board 11 April

Minutes Board 25 April

Minutes Board 23 May